Dometic SinePower 1600W Inverter

Dometic SinePower 1600W Inverter

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The Dometic 1600W Inverter is a sine wave inverter that turns 12V DC battery power into mains power 230V AC voltage. The device ensures a simple and trouble-free operation of 230 V appliances, including highly sensitive ones. It comes standard with a mains priority circuit, making it suitable to operate larger appliances in your tiny home, motorhome, caravan or boat.


  • Dimensions (mm): 94.30H x 197.50W x 406D
  • Weight: 6.50kg
  • Input voltage (AC): 240V
  • Input voltage (DC): 12V
  • Output voltage: 240V
  • Power consumption at standby: 6.00W
  • IP class: IP20 
  • Current consumption - Zero load: 2.1A
  • Current consumption - Standby mode: 500mA
  • Energy efficiency: ≤90 %
  • Continuous power 25°C: 1600W
  • Operating temperature min: -20.00 °C
  • Operating temperature max: 60.00 °C


  • 230 V AC – like at home
  • Suitable for supplying sensitive devices
  • With battery saving mains priority circuit
  • Compact design – easy to store
  • 1600 W continuous output
  • 3200 W peak output
  • Suitable for demanding appliances with high starting currents

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