NZSAT Automatic Folding Satellite Antenna

NZSAT Automatic Satellite Antenna

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Specifically designed for the New Zealand Motorhome and Caravan markets as well as the New Zealand environment and terrain. Viewing satellite TV couldn't be easier in a motorhome using the NZSAT Full Automatic Satellite Dish. This affordable 65cm Satellite Dish automatically opens then rotates to locate the satellite within 2 minutes. To ensure the satellite dish will never get damaged, it then can be wired to automatically fold down when the vehicle is started. The dish comes complete with a control unit (IDU) which is pre-programmed for the Optus D1 Satellite so the system is virtually plug and play, plus you can also program other satellites in to the control unit if required.


  • 9-30 Volt DC Input
  • Wind tested up to 110Km/h
  • Only 220mm high when closed
  • Motorised LNB skew adustment
  • DVB-S2 MPEG4 HD ready
  • 65cm Dish
  • Weight: 11.9Kg


  • In-built GPS which aides satellite acquisition
  • Fully programmable controller with multi-satellite storage
  • Single coax cable only required from controller to dish
  • Includes controller

3 Year Warranty

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