Air Silent X Wind Turbine, silent power generation

Primus Windpower Air Silent X Wind Turbine

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The Primus Windpower AIR Silent X Wind Turbine is trusted by sailors and "off-gridders" around the world and recommended as the best high-energy output turbine by Yachting Monthly. Their optimised electronic controls deliver energy quietly and efficiently. Extensive third party testing and certification shows more consistent output than the competition. AIR SILENT X, AIR Breeze and Air-X are part of the latest generation of AIR products—the world’s best-selling wind turbines—with more than 135,000 units sold in more than 120 countries.

We recommend the AIR Silent X wind turbines for all small battery-charging applications in coastal areas or on the water for low to medium wind speeds.


  • Energy: Approx. 90Ah/day at 5.5m/s
  • Optimal Operating Environment: Very quiet operation in all wind strengths
  • Startup Wind Speed: 3.13m/s
  • Survival Wind Speed: 49.2m/s
  • Swept Area: 1.07 sq.m
  • Rotor Diameter: 1.17m
  • Turbine Controller: Microprocessor-based smart controller
  • Overspeed Protection: Electronic Torque Control
  • Voltage: 12
  • Body: Cast Aluminium
  • Blades: 3 injection molded composite
  • Weight: 5.9Kg


  • Simple, affordable, reliable power
  • Easily integrates with Solar
  • Maximum power in winter
  • Night time power production

5 Year Warranty

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