Rheem Solar Water Heating, Electric and LPG/CNG Gas Backup

Rheem Solar Water Heating

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Solar Panels
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The Rheem Solar Water Heating System allows you to harness free energy from the sun. The closed loop split solar is Rheem's Solar Premium water heating system which is designed for top performance in New Zealand's environment, even when it is frosty or water quality is poor.

The highly efficient T200 collector (solar panel), with a heat exchange cylinder, stores 270 litres of hot water. The closed system uses heat transfer fluid (glycol), similar to anitfreeze used in car radiators, this protects the system from freezing or calcium formation due to poor water quality, freezing or stagnation. Sacrificial anodes in the vitreous enamel lined storage tank offers long term protection.

Rheem advises that all solar water heating systems are backed up with an alternative heating system. Rheem Solar Premium has a built-in electrical boost as standard but there is the option to have a gas boost using a continuous flow unit. This is essential to ensure hot water availability on poor weather days or when stored water drops below 58°C.

Please Note: Hot Water Cylinder is available separately to retrofit to older systems

  • Storage Capacity: 270L
  • Roof Space Required:
    • 2 Collectors: 2.4m x 2.0m
    • 3 Collectors: 3.6m x 2.0M
  • Dimensions - Cylinder: H1775 x D650mm
  • Weight (empty) - Cylinder: 146kg
  • Weight (empty) - Collector (each): 48kg
  • Temperature Pressure Relief Valve Setting: 1000kPa
  • Expansion Control Valve Setting: 850kPa
  • Minimum Supply Pressure: 150kPa (Gas boosted only)
  • Connections:
    • Water Inlet: 3/4" / 20mm
    • Water Outlet Tempered: 3/4" / 20mm
    • Gas: 3/4" / 20mm
    • Solar Flow and Return: 1/2" / 15mm
  • Recommended Panel Inclination Angles
    • Auckland: 20°
    • Hamilton: 22°
    • Wellington: 25°
    • Christchurch: 30°
    • Dunedin: 35°
    • Invercargill: 37°

Warranty: 5 years tank, 1 year parts, 5 years collector

  • Cut hot water heating costs by up to 70%
  • Drain Back protection
  • Electric boost as standard, gas boost is optional
  • Over heat protection is built-in
  • Suitable for either indoor or outdoor installations
  • TPR valve setting: 1000 kPa



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