Types of Solar Battery

There are four main types of battery used in connection with storing electricity from solar systems.

Lead Acid

Dependable, tried and tested. Lead Acid Batteries have been taking people off the grid for decades. They are rapidly being replaced by other technologies with longer warranties and lower pricing as solar storage becomes more popular.
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Lithium-ion Batteries are being developed at a fast pace as the electric car industry drives their development. Lithium-ion Batteries are fast becoming the popular choice for on-grid solar battery storage.
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Flow Batteries are a relatively new comer to the battery storage marketplace, although the technology has been around for years.

They are called Flow Batteries because they have a water based solution of zinc-bromide inside them. Only a small number of companies are producing Flow Batteries for the residential market.
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Sodium Nickel Chloride

Sodium Nickel Chloride technology is a competitor to the dominant Lithium-ion batteries. A Sodium Nickel Chloride Battery offers a number of environmental and safety benefits due to its unique battery chemistry.
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