Underground 1,700L Septic, Grey Water System

1700L Grey Water System

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Grey Water is the washing water from baths, showers, sinks, washing machines and dishwashers. Water from toilets is considered black water.
Grey Water can contain low levels of pathogens from excrement when showering and bathing. With this in mind we must be very careful how we handle and dispose of grey water. Due to the undigested nature of organic material in grey water microorganisms can grow rapidly during storage and the water goes septic within 24hours of entering the system.

The system is designed to allow the incoming grey water time to cool to allow fats and grease to separate, and to slow the flow to allow solids to settle to the bottom of one of three baffles chambers. The water the flows through an inspection/distribution box out through slotted pipes into the biologically active upper parts of the soil where microbes break down the organics and completely treat the water.

The size of the main tank has a 1500L working capacity and the tank outlets and inlets are offset so tanks can easily be joined end to end and be bolted together to increase holding capacity if local bylaws require it. The main tank has three chambers and three top access lids that allow very easy access for clean outs. The distribution box has three potential outlets that are utilized as site conditions permit to allow even distribution of liquid to up to three separate soakage fields. The soakage pipes are high density, thick, smooth walled pipes in six meter lengths that are slotted on both sides. The slots are 5mm wide and resist clogging. They are designed to be laid in the top biologically active layer of soil to rapidly breakdown wastewater. The pipes are vented to enhance aerobic decomposition of wastewater. The pipes are supplied with geo-textile cloth to slow down the percolation of the wastewater into the ground and to ensure a good bio mat is sustained to treat the wastewater. The geo-textile cloth also prevents the pipe from silt build-up and clogging. The pipes are also vented at the end to enhance aerobic decomposition and allow for future pipe flushing if required. 

  • Designed to process your grey water through to a drip field
  • Removes all fats and solids from your water
  • Operates efficiently and effectively without the need to use any mechanical components
  • Eliminates any odours
  • Allows for easy cleaning
  • Made from high grade plastic
  • Light weight but structurally sound so that it can be manhandled into confined spaces

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