BioLoo Composting Toilet
BioLoo Small Composting Toilet
BioLoo Large Composting Toilet
BioLoo Composting Toilet
BioLoo Small Composting Toilet
BioLoo Large Composting Toilet

Bioloo Composting Toilet

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Environmentally Friendly. Council Compliant. No Power. No Water. No Chemicals. No Pollution. No worries

The Bioloo Composting Toilet is the ultimate composting system, with a large waste storage tank. Perfect for your tiny home, off grid cabin or bach.

Become a part of the natural composting cycle and see how your land can benefit from less pathogens in the soil and far less water usage. The BioLoo Toilet's are already in use by councils and in leisure areas. Invest in a composting toilet and grey water system that is cost efficient and environmentally friendly!

A “composting toilet” is a toilet in which the natural process of composting takes place. Usually, the composting chamber is located directly underneath the toilet. The most basic way to compost human waste is simply to collect it in a toilet receptacle and add it to a compost pile. The toilet acts only as a collection device, while the composting takes place at a separate location. Such a toilet requires little, if any, expense and can be constructed and operated by anyone.

Composting toilets are recycling devices that should create no pollution and should recover the soil nutrients in human manure and urine.

Anaerobic composting is done through fermentation using no or limited oxygen. It relies on anaerobic microbes to decompose the materials. Pathogens are killed slowly in the unfavourable environment.

Designed in NZ for NZ.


  • BioLoo - Small Dimensions (m): H1.45 x W1.10 x D1.90
  • BioLoo - Large Dimensions (m): H2.24 x W1.16 x D2.40


  • No Environmental Impact - No discharge in the environment. Worms aid aeration which further reduces bulk.
  • No Electricity. No Water. No Chemicals - BioLoos do not require any power or water to work No chemicals are required as the system completely relies on naturally occurring bacteria and worms to work.
  • Low Cost - The BioLoo system is less than a third of the cost of traditional septic tanks. The UV-treated polyethylene plastic ensures a 30 year lifespan.
  • Designed in NZ for NZ - BioLoos meet New Zealand standards and New Zealand Building Codes and have been used by D.O.C and many local and regional authorities successfully for the past 12 years.
  • Unit Maintenance - Because the units are made from UV-treated polyethylene very little work is required for external maintenance, and cleaning is easy.
  • Composting - The process works the same as garden compost, except faster, using naturally occurring aerobic (air-requiring) bacteria in a controlled, secure environment. Over time this produces a safe, environmentally friendly, usable compost.
  • Easy Emptying and Cleaning - Small amounts of compost need to be taken out of the bottom hatch annually. Initially composting may take a year or two. Clean the toilet as a conventional toilet but without chemicals. The polyethylene plastic makes it easy to clean.
  • No Smell - Aerobic bacteria produce no foul odours. Positive ventilation makes the toilet area more pleasant than conventional toilets.

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