Dometic Portable Gas BBQ Barbeque

Dometic Portable Gas BBQ

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The incredibly lightweight Dometic Portable Gas BBQ boasts a high heat output of 11.5 MJ/h, powerful enough for all your cooking needs. A spacious cast iron cooking plate and grill with a high dome lid ensure you can feed family and friends at the campsite, outside your caravan or at the beach.

With the Dometic Portable Gas BBQ, you can enjoy home cooking comforts in even the most remote locations. The BBQ comes with a spacious cast iron cooking surface and high dome lid for cooking more of your favourite meats and vegetables at once. Achieve barbecuing perfection with the high heat output of 11.5 MJ/h and a built in temperature gauge. The Dometic BBQ is constructed from strong powder coated steel and is robust enough for off road trips. Despite this, the BBQ remains remarkably lightweight and easy to move around the campsite. Folding, removable side tables are included for a convenient place to set your ingredients, condiments and cooking utensils, while folding legs allow you to position the BBQ off the table. Once you’ve finished cooking, the BBQ is easy to clean, so you can focus more time on exploring the great outdoors with your friends and family.


  • Dimensions: W940 x H430 x D420 mm
  • Weight: 9.2 kg
  • Operating Pressure: 27.5 mbar
  • Gas: ULPG

12 Month Warranty

  • Built for the Outdoors - Sturdy powder coated pressed steel construction
  • Spacious - High dome lid for slow roasting
  • Powerful cooking - Cast iron grill and hot plate
  • Foldable Legs - Lift the BBQ off the ground
  • Folding Side Tables - Enough room for utensils and food
  • Built-in Thermometer - Achieve the perfect level of heat
  • Powerful heat output of 11.5MJ/h
  • Lightweight

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