Fiamma Aqua 8 Automatic Water Pressure Pump

Fiamma Aqua Water Pressure Pump

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Flow Rate

The Fiamma Aqua Fresh Water Pump is a self-priming pump which includes a filter on the inlet and an anti-vibration silent plate. This highly efficient pump uses half the  battery consumption of others.


 Model: 7L 10L
Absorption (A): 1.4 3.4
Max Flow Rate: 7L/min 10L/min
Noise Level (db): 55/60 65/70
Pressure Switch Interval 21.75psi 21.75psi


  • The Aqua 8 pumps water vertically over 3m with no priming.
  • Complete with silent plate which eliminates vibrations.
  • The stainless steel filter prevents impurities from entering and is easy cleaned so the pump lasts longer.
  • An automatic pressure switch starts and stops the pump by opening and closing the valve.
  • Non-toxic materials are used for all parts of the pump that comes into contact with the water.
  • The pump is resistant to limestone deposits and oxidation.
  • It can run dry without damage.

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