Motorhome/Caravan Solar Kit

Motorhome/Caravan Solar Kit

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Go further than you have before with our Motorhome/Caravan Solar Kit. Suitable to operate small loads to keep your devices charged and your beverages cold. 

The Motorhome/Caravan Solar Kit is perfect for when you only want to run a small load, and take your freedom camping experience to the next level.

Suitable for the operation of:

  • A small fridge
  • A couple of lights
  • Charging phones/laptops/speakers

The above is worked out on 5 days of autonomy (5 days without sun), you could run more appliances/use more power, during summer or if using a generator in winter, to top your batteries up after 5 days without sun.

To calculate your daily power consumption, click here for our Load (Power) Consumption Worksheet

The Motorhome/Caravan Solar Kit includes:

Please note that price of the kit may change depending on length of cables required. We can do custom lengths to suit your installation.

When ordering your Solar Panel Kit, please let us know where you intend to mount your kit, so that we can provide you with the correct mounting kit for your installation. If you are mounting on your roof, let us know what your roof is made from.

Please Note: Any work on Voltages exceeding 50V, must be done by a registered electrician.

The Motorhome/Caravan Solar Kit has 560W (Watts) of solar panels. In New Zealand during summer we receive 6-8 hours of sunshine every day, this equates to around 3920Wh (Watt hours) of power generated daily. During the winter months, there is considerably less sunlight hours, typically around 3-4 hours, giving you around 1680Wh. When choosing the correct size Solar Kit for your home, we recommend purchasing a kit that will produce enough power for you in the winter months rather than the summer. 


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