Rinnai INFINITY A-Series Instantaneous LPG/CNG Gas Water Heaters

Rinnai INFINITY A-Series External Gas Water Heaters

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The Rinnai INFINITY A-Series are continuous flow hot water systems, these water heaters produce endless hot water, and unlike hot water cylinders, are energy efficient as they are only on when you need hot water.

Models A-16 A-20 A-24  A-26
Hot Water Capacity 1.5-16L/Min 1.5-20L/Min 1.5-24L/Min 1.5-26L/Min
Input 16.3-124MJ/h 19.9-156MJ/h 16.3-184MJ/h 16.3-199MJ/h
Output 27.8kW 34.9kW 42.0kW 44.5kW
Water Supply Min-Max 120-1000kPa 160-1000kPa 200-1000kPa 200-1000kPa
Water Connections 1/2" / 15mm 3/4" / 20mm 3/4" / 20mm 3/4" / 20mm
Gas Connection 3/4" / 20mm 3/4" / 20mm 3/4" / 20mm 3/4" / 20mm
Dimensions (mm) H498 x W351 x D195 H498 x W351 x D195 H498 x W351 x D195 H498 x W351 x D195
Weight 13kg 14kg 15kg 15kg



  • Available fixed temperatures: 40C, 42C, 50C, 55C, 60C, 65C (Factory Preset 55C)
  • Exhaust Type: Forced Flue
  • Frost Protection: Fitted as standard. Frost protection operates automatically, as long as the unit is connected to the power supply. Frost protection activates when the temperature inside the unit drops below 3.5C and turns off once the temperature reaches 7C.
  • Ignition System: Direct electronic ignition
  • Line Pressure Min-Max (LPG): 2.75 - 3.5kPa
  • Line Pressure Min-Max (NG): 1.13 - 3.5kPa
  • Power Consumption:
    • Standby: 2W
    • A16: 47W
    • A20: 58W
    • A24: 56W
    • A26: 66W
    • Frost Protection: 68W
  • Pressure Relief: Valve Opens at 2060kPa, Valve Closes at 1479kPa
  • Noise Level: 50dB(A)
  • Safety Devices: 
    • Flame failure 
    • Boil dry protection
    • Overheat protection
    • Fusible link
    • Pressure relief valve
    • Combustion fan RPM check


  • Cost Efficient: Only pay to heat the water you use
  • Efficient Design: Multiple units can be connected together to make larger systems and provide extra hot water capacity
  • Space Saving: External units are located outside to give you more space indoors

Please Note: If the inlet pressure or flow rate drops below the minimum values stated above, operation of the INFINITY is not guaranteed. The unit requires both minimum flow rate and pressure to operate correctly.

Warranty: Heat Exchanger 10 years, all other parts 3 years

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