Safe-T-Alert LPG & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Safe-T-Alert LPG & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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The Safe-T-Alert 45 Series are a dual LPG and Carbon Monoxide alarm.

The double duty alarm upgrades single 12V LPG gas alarms to a dual alarm that detects both LPG and CO. The Safe-T-Alert alarms are designed for the rugged RV and Marine environments. Ideal for all types of motorhomes, caravans, tiny homes, horse trucks, boats and yachts. Basically anywhere LPG gas is used in a confined space.

The Safe-T-Alert LPG & CO alarms use advanced technology, with an Alarm Mute button that silences the alarm whilst the vehicle/vessel is being ventilated. The rapid recovery sensor resets when silenced or reactivates if dangerous levels of LPG or CO remain.

With the 45 series alarms being 12 Volt powered, there is no need to worry about dead or dying batteries. You can relax with the knowledge that the Safe-T-Alert LPG & CO Alarm is keeping an eye out for dangerous gases. The Safe-T-Alert alarms are designed and manufactured in the USA to meet all gas and power requirements.

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