Sunman Semi-Flexible Solar Panel

Sunman Semi-Flexible Solar Panels

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SunMan are the one of the worlds leading suppliers of Semi–Flexible Solar Panels for the RV, Marine and Domestic markets. By having the panels pre-glued the ease of installation on these panels is second to none. Simply pull off the protective paper and place on the roof then push down and leave for 24 hours. The glue can be easily removed if needed to move or replace the panel, making flexibility a key feature.


Model 105W 175W
Pmax 105W 175
Voc 19.1 19.1 
Efficiency 14.7% 15.5%
Max Power Current 8.27V 8.38V
Open Circuit Voltage 23V 23V
Dimensions 1257 x 535 x 6mm 1504 x 673 x 6mm
Weight 2.5Kg 3.8Kg


  • High Efficiency
  • Ultra Light
  • Flexible

10 Year Warranty

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